Top Fasteners offers in-house tool repair facilities for all the range of tools sold by the company. An adequate amount of spare parts are kept available locally, ensuring customer tools are back in action as quickly as possible. Typical repair turn-around time for tools sold by us is generally 1 day after receiving the tool.

We understand that sometimes our customers need their tools back urgently and we can generally do same day servicing if required. In addition to above and as part of the service, our loyal customers are offered emergency loan tools, if available, to keep their production going. Costly production downtime is therefore minimized.

In addition to repairing and servicing our own tools, we can also do the same for other tool brands like Huck/Alcoa, Avdel/Textron/Acument, Gesipa, etc.
Blind rivets
Speed Rivets
Clinch fasteners